Jamie Hide

Jamie Hide

Jamie captures genuine expressions and emotions and makes couples look their best at their wedding. Specializing in images that tell a story in a single shot.

As a wedding and landscape photographer, I specialize in creating pictures which tell a story in a single image.  I’m interested in capturing the beauty in everyday moments, as well as those which have been very carefully and lovingly planned.  Your wedding day is a combination of both spontaneous and choreographed moments.  I am able to make you look your best during these moments, while capturing the genuine expressions of emotion which are a natural part of the day.  Your wedding should be an occasion when you move from one wonderful experience to another, and your photography should be a part of that.  The beauty of Fernie’s natural surroundings is such that your portraits can’t help but be a short getaway from the excitement of the service and reception.  My approach is to make portraits a relaxing and enjoyable part of your day, while working quickly to optimize the time you have with family and friends. My pictures present traditional or classical elements alongside unique and more creative settings and poses.

Your wedding is your perfect day; my part is to make an accurate and beautiful record of this day – of its events, emotions, people, and settings.

Contact Information

* Phone: 250-423-3886

* Website: www.jamiehide.com

* Address:  12 Park Ave, Fernie, BC V0B 1M3

* Contact Person: Jamie Hide

A little bit about the business: (history, philosophy etc…)

I grew up in the prairies, but came to Fernie with my family to vacation as a child.  In 1999 my parents moved here; I was just finishing my university degree and beginning a career as a high school teacher overseas.  Over a period of eight years I lived in West Africa, the Middle East, and South America, and traveled in South East Asia photographing the people, landmarks and landscapes of these varied cultures.  During this time I met my wife (she is originally from the prairies as well), and we had two children.  Since moving my young family to Fernie in 2007, photography has played an ever increasing role in my life.  While still teaching, my passion for picture taking has evolved into a career which now occupies the larger part of my work day.

For me, photography is an opportunity to take part in the wonder of the world around us.  It entices us to observe and reflect on the simple and magnificent beauty that our environment and its people bring into our lives each day.  Some images are the result of careful composition and arrangement, yet so many more moments are spontaneous and ephemeral; the photographer needs to be ready and open to take advantage of his or her life experiences and to translate them into images of meaning and magic.

What makes Fernie an attractive destination for a wedding in your mind?

Fernie’s unsurpassed natural beauty – the backdrop to a quaint and picturesque historic downtown – makes Fernie an ideal wedding location.  Its firm footing in the tourist industry translates into a surprising number of high quality accommodation and restaurant options for a town Fernie’s size.  The people are down to earth and friendly with a strong background in service.   My wife and I were married in a meadow on the ski hill.  From the local people who helped us to locate audio equipment and a generator, to the restaurant staff who catered our wedding and allowed us to rearrange the interior décor, the Fernie people we met and worked with were amazing.  Everyone was willing to do anything they could to make our wedding even better than we imagined it could be.

What is one thing that you think every visitor to Fernie should experience while they are here?

Everyone should take some time to experience Fernie’s natural beauty, whether that means biking, hiking, golfing, or going for a walk along many of the trail systems around and outside of town.  The trails around Island Lake Lodge are a must see, and if the weather is very hot, a side trip to Silver Springs for a dip in the beautiful and secluded waters (near Elko) would be at the top of my recommendations.

Price Information:

Basic coverage begins at $750.  I would love to talk with you to provide a custom quote for the wedding photography you would like.