The Green Petal

The Green Petal

The Green Petal is in love with the different, the unusual, the fun, the artsy and the elegant, and we put that love into everything we fashion. Because design isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.

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The Green Petal specializes in floral designs and giftware.  As an active little girl growing up in Fernie, I spent a lot of time in the great outdoors. Often my adventures included collecting wild flowers, dandelions and buttercups,  (and the occasional sweetpea from my mom’s garden) to create a one-of-a-kind fistful for my mom. As I’ve gotten older, my love for flowers has become more refined (with a lot less stealing). So, thanks to the experience from previous retail florist jobs,  and inspiration from my travels, I returned to Fernie in 2010 to open The Green Petal. It seemed like a healthier way to feed my floral addiction and has been blossoming ever since. The Green Petal provides wedding flowers that express your unique sense of style. We commit to only a handful of weddings each week, so that each couple receives our full attention. Whether it is earthy, elegant, or extravagant, The Green Petal can orchestrate all your floral needs for your special day.

What Makes Fernie an Attractive Destination for a Wedding?

Well the obvious answer is the scenery. Fernie is my favourite place to be in the summer! But aside from that I think we have an amazing selection of talented, professional wedding vendors!

What is the One Thing Every Visitor Should Experience While in Fernie?

If you are able, take a ride on the many bike trails, point your bike in any direction and you will hit a trail! For those looking for a bit more relaxation, a stroll on the Historic Downtown 2nd ave, taking time to browse through all the great shops!

What is Your Favourite Wedding Story? 

A wedding memory that always makes me smile was from the spring of 2011. We provided flowers for the first winter wedding at Island Lake Lodge. Everything had to be transported up in Cats (think an SUV crossed with a loader), I never pictured myself trucking up a mountainside with 300 hydrangea! But we made it and the wedding was beautiful!

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We believe wedding flowers are an art, each bride is unique! Call to schedule your free (& fun!) personal consultation today.

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