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We Connect

What is your dream? Whatever YOUR dream is that’s what We Connect will create for you. Grab a glass of wine and dream for a moment. What is the atmosphere you want to create for your wedding? Sophisticated, fun, casual, glamorous, romantic? Think of the different aspects of you and your fiances personalities and relationship that are uniquely YOU. We will help you take all the details big & small and design your wedding.

Contact Information:

Lisa Grosso 1-403-585-7649

www.weconnect.ca info@weconnect.ca


A Little About the Business: We Connect Wedding Planning offers full wedding planning services. Make your wedding day perfect with the help of an experienced wedding planner.

Some Thoughts from Lisa the owner: “Planning a large event on your own, for the first time, for your friends and family comes with intrinsic stresses. You naturally want to throw a great party, have the most memorable ceremony, and host a delicious dinner for the people you cherish the most. We know how important this day is for you. As a smart, frugal and efficient bride and groom, you are looking to our services so you can have a great time planning your wedding and host a spectacular wedding. We will listen carefully to your ideas, give you suggestions, provide support through the entire planning process, and together we create your dream day. We will save you time, money and stress and in the end you will have the freedom to fully enjoy the wedding planning experience and most importantly your wedding day.”     Check out our website www.weconnect.ca for photo features of gorgeous wedding locations and information on Wedding Planning packages.

About We Connect Let one of our clients speak for us: “Our wedding day was absolutely wonderful! Words can’t express how thankful I am for the role you and your assistant played in such an amazing day in our lives. I know I fretted a few times during the planning of it all, wondering… “what about this,” and “what about that.” Your answer was always, “don’t worry, everything will be taken care of… ” and… it was!! From all your reassurance and advice, to the coordination of all the vendors, the set up of the tables and decorations etc., your diligence in creating amazing floral centerpieces, the flexibility you have, while still ensuring that you maintained my vision … ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You not only “pulled it off,” but truly exceeded my expectations. Thank you so, so much for everything!!” … Sandra & Carl, August 2011

Price Information:Wedding Planning packages starting at $2,000. Contact us at info@weconnect.ca for more information or call us at 1-403-585-7649